Three Killer Telesales Tips

OK, you often read tips on just about every subject under the sun from scuba diving to cake making and just as often they’re not worth reading.

Here, however, I’m giving you three things you can use straight away on the phone that will dramatically increase your appointment ratios instantly and consistently.

Top Tip #1 – How, Not What.

This is one of the first things we train into our new team members here at NF HQ. Like most fantastic ideas it’s as simple as it is powerful when used correctly.

Most people get tied up with what to say on a sales call. Objection handling, being persuasive etc.  It’s true that lots of things come into play but I can’t emphasis enough the massive difference you’ll see when you change how you say something.

So, let me try to give you a concrete example. Consider this statement:

“Grandma – we know where you live and we’re coming to get you now.”

Firstly, imagine this being spoken by a cheerful, singy, happy female voice. Now, imagine it being said in a deep, monotone male voice with no emotion.

Same sentence, totally different connotation. If we talk enthusiastically, passionately, sincerely, we’ll add so much difference to what the other hears that the actually words used will fade in significance every time. Have you ever shouted at a dog for stealing a biscuit and watched his ears go down. Next time, try saying that he’s the best dog in the world but in the same tone you’d use to shout at him. His reaction would be identical.

Top Tip #2 – Expect A ‘Yes’

This is so powerful it’s almost cheating. Simply by expecting the person to say yes to what we’re asking we increase our success rates by up to 60% or more. You’ll be sceptical but try it. Make a call where you’re asking someone for something you want them to agree to. It could be a friend to accompany you to a new restaurant or a member of your team to make a cup of tea. It doesn’t matter what you ask for as long as you fully, completely, 100%, totally expect them to say yes with every fibre of your being. Where them saying no just isn’t an option available to them whatsoever.

it’s the level of conviction you mentally have to them saying yes that is so powerful. it works like magic and you’ll feel like some sort of wizard when you first start doing this. A word of caution though, don’t over-use it or people may start avoiding you because they’re sick of finding themselves constantly brewing up for you without really knowing why?

Top Tip #3 –   Pace Yourself

Here’s the thing – most people we train talk too fast. When we’re on a ‘sales call’ (what is that by the way?) their mindset is often something like this: “I’m so sorry to disturb you oh important one. I’m just a pesky little sales person who isn’t worthy to lick your boots but I’ve got to talk to you as I’m being paid to do it and besides I’ve got to put three kids through uni and I’ve got a crippling mortgage so please be kind to me.”

One of the side effects of this mindset (and there are a great many my friend, trust me) is that you end up talking too quickly. the message you’re giving is that what you have to say isn’t that interesting and so you’ll blurt it out asap in the hope that something sticks.

S.L.O.W D.O.W.N, my friend, slow the fluff down. listen to Obama, to David Cameron. Better still, listen to Martin Luther King, James Bond, Al Pacino in the Godfather. Would you ever take someone who spoke at 200mph seriously? Film makers always demonstrate a characters weakness or insignificance by making them talk their lines really quickly.

Breath, take your time. Subliminally your message should be “What I have to say to you is not only hugely interesting but could benefit you and your company in 1000 ways so listen up buster.”

Practice all of the above separately and you’ll improve your life no end. Put all three together and the world, and everything in it, will be yours my friend.