Chris & Julie Newton

You need new clients.

You need a cost-effective way of getting around the table with the very companies who are ready, able and willing to buy from you, right now.

You need a team of professionals prepared to work flat out to get you there, no matter what it takes.

You need Newton Fox Business Development Specialists

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So! You Need Someone Really Good On the Phones
Setting Quality Appointments/Generating Leads/Cleansing Data?

Great! But Have You Carefully Considered ALL Your Options?

On Demand

Do you need to hire an individual or team for a short campaign or simply to ‘test the water’ and find out if telemarketing services would work for you?

Yes, I Do

Appointment Setting

Do you need a stream of qualified appointments setting with people ready, able and willing to buy from you right now?

Yes, I Do

Newton Fox Select

Do you need a qualified and professional addition to your business development team but don’t want to spend a fortune recruiting them?

Yes, I Do

Appointment Exchange

Are you looking for bespoke introductions to a specific market whilst at the same time procuring high-quality services from like-minded companies?

Yes, I Am


Client Retention

Most clients want to ‘test the water’ with us, so we set up a trial scheme to prove concept and ROI. From this pilot 86% of clients in the last 12 months retained our services based on the results gained.



Our clients invest in our services because they rightly expect to make more money than they spend. We execute our services in such a way as to return over 1000% of any invest made in any given time scale.


Conversion Rates

Making appointments is easy. Making quality appointments that lead to business takes skill and experience. We follow the progress of leads so we know that more than half turn to business.


Successful Campaigns

We have successfully completed almost three hundred campaigns of varying sizes and shapes across a diverse industry base.

Why Work With Us?

  • Compelling campaign strategies
  • Flexible, tailored approach
  • State of the art telephony
  • Mature, professional team
  • 25 years experience.


Max Burton

“What you’ve achieved for us in such a short time frame is truly remarkable”

Max Burton Sales Director, Mitie FM

David Ingram

“The approach adopted is working to an extent we didn’t think possible.”

David Ingram MD, Bring Digital Marketing

Steve Williams

“I have several companies I deal with and I’ll definitely be highly recommending you to anyone in need of new clients”

Steve Williams MD, One Stop Asbestos

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