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How Will A Free Consultation With Chris Newton Benefit You And Your Business?

Hello there!

So you want to find out a bit more about how Newton Fox might be able to win you some
customers. However, you don’t want to be ‘sold at’ and then get pestered for ever more if it turns out you’re not interested – we get it!

So, for speed, let’s assure you what this call isn’t:

1. A one way street for us to sell at you.
2. A way to capture your contact details so we can pester you for ever more.
3. The first step in a cleverly thought out strategy to get you to part with your hard-
earned marketing budget.
4. A generic bit of nonsense about sales in general that bears little or no relevance to
you or your business.

What the call IS

This session will be tailored to you specifically – your agenda. You will be spending 30
minutes on a 1-2-1 call with our MD Chris Newton. Chris has 35 years direct sales experience and has made over 1 million sales calls personally and trained thousands of salespeople to perform at the peak of their ability.

During the call he will:

1. Listen carefully to what you are doing right now to win new business.
2. Explore what you feel are the real strengths of the business (what sets you apart)
and what’s perhaps holding you back.
3. What you would want/need to achieve from an externally run sales campaign.

From this, he will make his recommendations in the form of a brief proposal along with all relevant information including indicative investment levels. Once this has been sent to you, beyond checking you’ve received it ok, WE WILL LEAVE YOU IN PEACE FOREVER MORE – PROMISE!

Hopefully we’ve done enough to reassure you? Just click the button below and we’ll speak to you shortly?

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