How Many Sales Appointments Can You Set In A Day?

Almost without exception I get asked this question during an initial conversation with a prospective client thinking about using our telemarketing services. It’s a perfectly reasonable question of course and where I have previous, first-hand experience of that market I can and do make reasonably accurate predictions to help the prospect make some informed decisions. However, it’s not always that straight forward.

The reason for this is down to the fact that there are several key elements affecting the outcomes of any such activity at any given time and we need to understand and control them ahead of any work starting to give us the best chance of maximising the results.

For example, what leverage do we have? Most people feel that their competitors are the enemy but that’s not true, it’s the status quo. People are inherently lazy, even when a service is barely acceptable they will still tell you they’re in a contract and so can’t/won’t change.

To address this we need leverage, something that will jolt them out of their reticence and get them to take action. USP’s are extremely important but often a stand-alone reason to agree to a meeting can be enough. “I’ve studied your website and discovered three things that are hampering your SEO Jane. Whilst we’re together I’ll share those three things and help you correct them quickly and easily. Are you free on Wednesday, say 10am?

Free offers, something with real value can do it. Make it relatable to what you do, e.g. security company who brings a laptop security cable worth £40 as a ‘thank you’ for seeing them or an accountants who promise to bring a report to their veterinary surgery prospects meeting “How Vets Can Save op to £10k per annum on Corporation Tax – Legally!” you get the idea.

Then there’s your product or service itself. Offer something your competitors daren’t and your marketing is done! First order/month free, no quibble 30- day money back guarantee, free month’s trial, free installation for all orders placed before the end of [MONTH].

Leverage is just one element to consider. Target market, time of the year, current climate and competitor analysis should all be part of the preparation for any marketing activity before you even start to think about what you want your pitch to be, and there’s a whole blog right there!

Even when you’re convinced you’ve put something really compelling together you should run a trial or pilot campaign first to bench-mark results, study feedback and project likely returns over a significantly longer period.

I’ll write about this subject again and again because it goes to the heart of what we do here at Newton Fox. When asked the question at the head of this page I know that the person asking it is simply trying to gauge likely returns on any investment and that’s completely understandable.

It’s my job (as I see it at least) to help my prospective customer understand the process and what is required of everyone involved to provide the best chance of success. We have some clients who, with very little in the way of contract, have used us for over a decade because the process is working for them. Conversely of course, some companies will try telemarketing and feel it’s not for them.  

The first rule of marketing always is to do more of what works, the pre-supposition of course being that you already know what that is which isn’t always the case. For those brave souls willing and able to invest in any form of marketing however the rewards can be genuinely life-changing, so it is worth hunting round and finding out what works for your business.

If you’d like to discuss anything in the above article or have any thoughts or experience you’d like to share then do please get in touch, I’d genuinely love to hear from you.

Happy selling!