Lead Gen Packages

Three, carefully thought out packages, designed to help busy people like you attract new enquiries every week without breaking the bank or taking up hours of your valuable time.


Handling enquiries effectively can mean the difference between success & failure. Our training & state-of-the-art telephony add up to a professional service.

Data Cleansing

We can turn a carrier bag, lever arch file or dog bowl full of leads, business cards or receipts into a user friendly, tailored database designed to organise your data into the most effective format possible.

Event Population

Inviting potential clients to a free seminar or event can be a great way to attract new business. Making sure they’ll arrive however can be tricky.

Appointment Setting

Making appointments is easy. Making appointments that lead to lucrative contracts and on-going relationships is a real skill however and certain rules need to be followed.

Education Sector Sales

Specialist Sales Strategies For The Education Industry. Working closely with colleges, training providers and apprenticeship organisations.

B2C Telesales

Promoting goods and services direct to the public takes a certain approach. We know ours works so why not find out if it work for you too?

Contract Cleaning Sales

For the past 15 years Newton Fox have been helping contract cleaning businesses grow and prosper by setting quality appointments on their behalf with companies they’d like to win as clients.

A comprehensive suite of telemarketing services

Each tailored to your specific needs and designed to get your business noticed and in front of the companies you’d like to do business with.

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