The point of view of a telemarketer

Hi all, so I have been asked to start writing blogs about what we do here at Newton Fox, and how brilliant and successful we are at telemarketing for companies and appointment setting. I figured the best way to do this was to just explain what I have been doing for the last couple of days for one of our biggest clients.

Obviously I do not want to go into specifics about the client themselves, but when it comes to our telemarketing and what they want us to do here (which is set them appointments with the right people so that they can introduce their services) they have always been particularly helpful, making sure we have the warmest data that we can get hold of.

This has meant that over the space of the last three days, I have booked five fantastic appointments for the director of the company to meet with potential clients, and it hasn’t particularly felt like work, more just having a conversation with people and generating interest. In the process of booking these appointments, I have also tidied up their data and made a master database of all the people they want to be getting in front of. In doing this I have managed to put together how many appointments that have had made with us since we started doing work for them and I am very pleased to report that they have had sixty appointments. That’s sixty companies they have managed to get in front of that they may not have done before hand. This is what we do best