How do I maintain motivated when doing telesales?


So this is my first ever blog for Newton Fox. I once did a blog called a 365, in which I was supposed to write once a day, preferably in the evening, with a photograph each day. But after day 47 I realised that I did nothing. I had such a boring life and that nobody was reading about it. So I gave up and my 365 became a 47. So let’s hope that my Newton Fox blog will be a tad more exciting.

Okay so I do quite a big chunk of my appointment setting for contract cleaners. Before I worked for Newton Fox I was a contract cleaner and I would set appointments for my boss with estate agents. So with extensive background knowledge to the trade, I feel especially confident when appointment setting for contract cleaners. This, along with persistence,  is how I came to set a large appointment for one of our clients.
I rang up a guy, who I felt was fobbing me off to be honest. Telling me he was new to the job, and to ring back next week. I tried the week after and he had gone on holiday. So the third time I rang back I assumed I would get nowhere. I got through to him this time, and asked him how the holiday was. He realised who I was and was very apologetic and told me he forgot he was going on holiday. “so, when are you free to come and see me”, he asked, I was very surprised as I thought I was certainly on a wild goose chase with this guy. I arranged the appointment and nearly fell out of my chair when he told me it was for 435 hours a week.

Needless to say, it’s important that even when disheartened you keep trying and trying. And to remember that you must maintain motivated when doing telesales!  I do this by always thinking the next call will be an appointment.

You can regularly hear me on call recordings saying to the room. “This is it, this will be an appointment”. If you believe you will get an appointment; you will.

And that’s Sophie for today =) x