Another win for telemarketing, for insurance companies!

So, the time has come around again that I write my weekly blog on here, amidst the outrage that a cold calling company in the UK have been caught by BBC’s Panorama harassing people on the telephone.

I am very glad to say that we have a system set up here at Newton Fox, whereby we do not attempt contact ANYONE more than three times. Once that third time has come, and if we have still not been able to have a conversation with the person we were trying to get hold of, the line of data blocks out for us and we do not contact them again. I for one am very glad to be working for an ethical telesales company.

However, my blog post this week was not originally going to be about that, I was going to write about a big success I had this week for a new client. I have just this week started working for an insurance company, doing a data cleanse.

Data cleansing just means that we don’t set out to book appointments, we just check that the data we have is correct and we have the right decision maker’s name. The other campaign objective was to find out when their insurance would be up for renewal, so that we could possibly give them a quote nearer the time, when they were actually looking.

With that in mind I set to work. Within an hour I had booked two urgent telephone call backs for the insurance company and that day we set a massive total of 11 telephone appointments. People that were looking to renew their insurance now and were interested in a quote and seeing what we could do for them.

I think it is fairly safe to say that telemarketing is a big win for the insurance world and can be very successful if done properly!