Universal Truths Of Telesales

Anyone can make a sales call. But can just anyone make a successful sales call?

There is no magic potion to make somebody into a great seller, however there are a few ways to improve your technique. A good telesales person should be able to come in and out of script effortlessly and seamlessly at will without the person you are talking to knowing you are doing so.

Two of the greatest barriers to overcome when it comes to selling are:
1. The fear of rejection
2. The feeling of being out of your depth

Hopefully these truths about sales will help you to overcome those barriers.

Universal Truths Of Telesales

  • It is impossible to do without getting some result
  • A poor sales call is still better than no sales call
  • You do not have to be pushy or persuasive
  • You do not have to be experienced in sales
  • You couldn’t cope if everyone said yes anyway!
  • An incredibly small percentage of people are actually rude to you
  • You can achieve truly staggering results with just a little, consistent effort
  • The main difference between successful and unsuccessful sales people is defined by the point at which they give up.
  • No one ever died from making a sales call
  • You are never rejected

I’ll just finish up by letting you in on the ‘great secret about selling’ – There is no great secret to it, you can do it too.