Professional Telesales

When I was a kid my parents owned a pub and it was my job to polish the brasses every month. There were thousands of them and it took me a whole weekend. If you’ve ever polished brass you’ll know that what I’m about to say is totally true.

Golden Glow

When you first wipe the polish off (no trade names but we all know what we’re talking about here) you do get a satisfactory result. However, my dad showed me that with around 200% more effort you can get the thing to positively glow in the dark.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw that golden glow emerge from under the dusting cloth which transformed the entire appearance of the brass jar he was cleaning. Magic!

And so it is with telesales, or anything worth doing properly actually. When a potential client first comes to us he usually has a rough idea what he wants to presents to market – his sales message. Often, however, it’s too vague, too generic and too dull to ever get any attention.

Language of Selling

I’m always amazed at the difference changing just one word canmake to the outcome of a sales call. We take our clients message and polish it until it too glows in the dark. This can take some time and is a real skill we have developed over a long period of time. Only when we’re completely satisfied that it’s as potent and powerful as it can be do we test it on live calls. By paying close attention to the feedback and correcting the script as we go along we make it better and better, we keep on polishing until we can see our little faces in it!


One  of Michealangelo’s most famous sculpture is that of ‘David’, heralded as one of the world’s most impressive works of art ever produced. When he was asked what inspired him to create such a thing he replied saying that it was really very simple. The sculpture already existed, he just chiseled away everything that was not David.

This story holds the secret of other strategy as a sales company. We cut away everything from our clients’ message to reveal the most appealing aspects only. Most brochures, websites, leaflets and PDF’s say too much. Less is very definitely more when it comes to sales. Even some big brands make this fundamental mistake but just a few get it very right indeed. Take the John Lewis series of TV ads recently. Have you seen the one with a snowman? Utterly, utterly brilliant. No salesmen, no racks and racks of products, just a snowman in love with a snow woman and he buys her gloves and a matching scarf!! You don’t even see the store – you don’t need to. Clever, clever clever.

These are just two of a great many strategies and techniques we employ to help our clients win in their chosen arenas. It all adds up to a professional telesales process that brings big results and we’re very proud of ourselves if we do say.

If you’d like any help or advice for your sales processes don’t hesitate to ask.


Happy Selling!