At the heart of any business is the team responsible for delivering the service.

Here at Newton Fox our consistent investment in our teams’ training and development affords our clients the very best results possible. We like to see ourselves as an extension to our clients’ team, working closely to bring about both growth and success.


Chris Newton

Managing Director

Chris brings over 30 years direct sales experience to his post as MD of Newton Fox. “Sales processes have changed dramatically over the past decade or so” he says, “the market today demands a more sophisticated, professional and insightful approach”. “That said”, he continues, “people are people and we are in the people business. Our clients know they can trust us with their brand, their reputation. That’s incredibly important and a responsibility we take very seriously indeed”.


Julie Newton

Finance Director

The other 50% of this husband and wife team is Julie, who takes
responsibility for all things financial. Having worked both for her own company in the past and also for several large organisations she brings a wealth of experience to her role, ensuring that all clients are kept fully aware of spend, return on investment statistics and any other information they need or want to make sure we remain on track.


Graham McCormick

Senior Account Manager

I’m Graham and I have been with Newton Fox since 2011, very much part of the furniture I oversee the day-to-day operations within the Newton Fox a company I am privileged to be part of. I am a proud geek and love all things nerdy, I am a keen problem solver and dedicated beard wearer! “With great beards come great responsibilities”


Lauren Cooper

Hi, my name is Lauren Cooper. I have worked at Newton Fox for a number of years and the thing I love about my job the most is having my own control over my clientele and working with my clients directly.
The support and knowledge you gain from the directors is second to none and I am looking forward to many more years of success.



Hi, my name is Jenny, I enjoy working here at Newton Fox because of the reputable clients and established custom, also the remarkable and ambitious staff and management.



Hi, I am Ishana. I enjoy working at Newton Fox as it has enabled me to pick up many skills and abilities which help me achieve my targets.
In addition to this the staff provide an exceptional environment with their professionalism and enthusiasm.



Hi, my name is Mia, I very much enjoy working at Newton Fox alongside a friendly enthusiastic team. My favourite part is hitting my targets and the support from my work team.



Hi, my name is Emma and I work at Newton Fox, there are many reasons why I love my job, but the main things are it’s a great environment to work in and you have so much support from all the management and colleagues. It is an amazing feeling when you hit your sales targets.



Hi, my name is Andrew and I have enjoyed all the years that I have worked at Newton Fox and consider my colleagues as family and friends. It is a pleasure to work in a dynamic, rewarding company that always supports me in achieving my goals.



Hi, I’m Jordan, my time at Newton Fox has allowed me to build upon and improve the previous sales skills I have acquired, no two days at the office are the same, which is refreshing to be involved in.



Hi, my name is John and I have found a company in Newton Fox, who I want to come into work for, I am a hardworking, conscientious, and honest worker, this is rewarded by working in a family, fun environment.



Hi, I am Karen, I have only been here a short time, but the management have helped me settle in to my role and I already feel like a valued team member.


Bobby Powels

Hi, I am Bobby, the best part of my job is engaging with clients and being motivated to get my targets and to deliver exceptional service, I enjoy being part of a fantastic team.




Hi, I’m Sue, and I am the administrator at Newton Fox. I enjoy working here as each day is totally different and I love being part of an enthusiastic and friendly team.

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