Graham McCormick

Operations Manager

Graham has, to date, given twelve years he’ll never get back to Newton Fox. He really cares is the thing. He cares about the team, the results, and the clients of course. And, he supports Man Utd, so a sense of humour comes as standard natch.

Question Time

We asked Graham some questions to find out what makes him tick.

1. Most admired leader dead or alive.

Jacinda Ardern

2. Cause you’d be prepared to die for.

Free speech

3. 3. Cat or dog?

To eat or as a pet? I have both, but cat

4. Favourite TV programme/film/boxset?

Sherlock / house of cards / Marvel films / Rocky / Scarface

5. Favourite quote?

Concello Et Labore (Latin: by wisdom and effort)

6. Signature dish?

Full roast or Chilli

7. Thing you hate most in others?

Elitism or snobbery

8. Thing you hate most in yourself?


9. One word to describe working for Newton Fox?