Managing Director

Chris brings over 30 years direct sales experience to his post as MD of Newton Fox.

“Sales processes have changed dramatically over the past decade or so” he says, “the market today demands a more sophisticated, professional and insightful approach”.

“That said”, he continues, “people are people and we are in the people business. Our clients know they can trust us with their brand, their reputation. That’s incredibly important and a responsibility we take very seriously indeed”.

Question Time

We asked Chris some questions to find out what makes him tick.

1. Most admired leader dead or alive.

Winston Churchill

2. Cause you’d be prepared to die for.

Forcing all politicians to tell the truth.

3. 3. Cat or dog?


4. Favourite TV programme/film/boxset?


5. Favourite quote?

Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!

6. Signature dish?

Pepper encrusted Monk fish with red pepper and anchovy sauce.

7. Thing you hate most in others?


8. Thing you hate most in yourself?


9. One word to describe working for Newton Fox?


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