Lauren Couperthwaite

Team Leader

Now in her sixth year with the business, Lauren is half Team Leader and half Cheerleader. She works with a cheeky grin and twinkle in her eye. She’s the turbo-charger for the business and never tires of making sure every campaign we run is a high-five success.

Question Time

We asked Lauren some questions to find out what makes him tick.

1. Most admired leader dead or alive.

Michelle Obama

2. Cause you’d be prepared to die for.

My daughter

3. 3. Cat or dog?


4. Favourite TV programme/film/boxset?

Four in a bed/ Come Dine with me

5. Favourite quote?

“It is what it is”

6. Signature dish?

Sirloin Steak peppercorn sauce x3 way cooked chips with a garnish!

7. Thing you hate most in others?


8. Thing you hate most in yourself?

Being paranoid

9. One word to describe working for Newton Fox?