Finance Director

The other 50% of this husband and wife team is Julie, who takes responsibility for all things financial.

Having worked both for her own company in the past and also for several large organisations she brings a wealth of experience to her role, ensuring that all clients are kept fully aware of spend, return on investment statistics and any other information they need or want to make sure we remain on track.

Question Time

We asked Julie some questions to find out what makes him tick.

1. Most admired leader dead or alive.

Queen Elizabeth II

2. Cause you’d be prepared to die for.

My children

3. 3. Cat or dog?


4. Favourite TV programme/film/boxset?

Grey’s Anatomy

5. Favourite quote?

If you can’t find anything nice to say about someone, say nothing.

6. Signature dish?

Apple & blackberry crumble with an almond topping

7. Thing you hate most in others?

Small mindedness

8. Thing you hate most in yourself?


9. One word to describe working for Newton Fox?