Do you lack the sales knowledge & confidence to close your ideal clients over the phone?

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Run Your Own Telemarketing Desk

Imagine having a resource that could train and motivate you or your sales staff to pick up the phone and arrange meetings with the very people you want as clients… 

That’s exactly what’s the ‘DIY Telesales Course’ offers.

A step-by-step training course that covers everything, and we mean everything, you’ll ever need to know about the process of making sales calls and booking appointments over the phone.

A Turnkey 360-degrees solution

Empower your company or career

The course comprises 11 lessons. Each represented via a video explaining the basic principles covered. Of course it will teach you all of the most obvious techniques you’d expect of a telesales course. Such as how to get past the ‘gatekeeper’ and how to handle objections but it covers so much more.

More importantly, you will also learn:

  • How to deal with the fear we all have regards making sales calls
  • How to write powerful and compelling scripts
  • How to procure and manipulate good quality data
  • How to operate free from fear of GDPR and other regulations
  • How to deal with approved supplier lists and no name policies
  • How to manage your time to best effect

What's included in the DIY Telesales Course?

A Self-paced, Step-By-Step Online Course


Be A Sales Champion by the end of the course

Watch the videos, follow the step-by-step advice, complete the tasks. You've just bypassed 30 years of sales experience.


Instant & unlimited access tO The COURSE

You'll get instant, lifetime access to all 11 modules. So you can revisit the materials at any time from any device.


Toolbox Containing Scripts & Templates

Plug and play phone scripts, email templates and website policies that you can easily use for your own business.


'DIY' Tasks

Watching and reading is one way to learn. But the best is by doing. These tasks are designed to encourage you to take action.


Full Access TO Our Team

You're not on your own with this. We're here to support you every step of the way.


100% No Risk Guarantee

We know the methods in this course work. If for some reason they don't for you, we'll refund every penny.

Is This Course For You?

The 'DIY' Telesales Course Is Ideal For...

Novice Telesales Employees

Telemarketing Team Leaders


SMEs Looking To Launch Their Own Telemarketing campaigns

Anybody looking to learn the sales process in detail



100% Of Previous Students Recommend!

“There are loads of great sales tips in this course. But for me the biggest thing was giving me the confidence to actually pick up the phone and make some calls.”
Shaun Barnes
Digital Geek Media
“Cannot recommend this course highly enough”
Amanda Collier
Sales Director, Little Red Table

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Learn Everything You Need To Know
To Run Your Own Telemarketing Desk

The 'DIY' Telesales Course Is PACKED With Advice, Hints, Tips & Tricks

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You'll Discover

  • Why calling someone a ‘gatekeeper’ isn’t a good idea
  • Why you are already 66% as good as the best sales person in the world
  • How to use your space to motivate you to make your calls
  • The most important personal trait to have as a sales person
  • How to identify your ideal client
  • How to understand and work with SIC industry codings
  • A simple formula to use against any objection at any time
  • The 9 most common mistakes made when making sales calls
  • What exactly GDPR is and how it affects you
  • How to avoid falling foul of legislation
  • The top 3 CRM packages (and they're all FREE!)
  • A simple technique to get the person who answers the phone on side
  • How a 1970’s TV cop can help you get your foot in the door

About The Course Author & Presenter

30 Years Of Sales Experience

Chris Newton has over 30 years’ experience in direct sales.
In this course he presents step-by-step sales techniques. With tips, tricks and advice taken directly from his 30 years on the phones.

Chris Newton, M.D
  • 30 years direct sales experience
  • 12 years running his own telemarketing agency
  • Worked with over 500 client companies
  • Offering appointment setting, lead generation and a host of associated services
  • Director of local business networking group
  • Regular guest speaker at conferences and expos

Everything You Need to Be Successful

Get The Knowledge, Resources & Confidence


Here's a reminder of what you get when you invest In

The 'Do It Yourself' Telesales Course

Instant and lifetime access to 11 modules

Almost 3 hours of video training

Toolbox packed with helpful drag and drop templates

DIY tasks to help you learn and encourage you to take action

Full access to our team for any support you require

100% Risk Free. No questions asked money back guarantee


100% Of Previous Students Recommend!

“First rate resource, have distributed to all in sales team”
Adam Carvil
MD, Kale Software
“thanks for a brilliant course – covered so much more than expected”
Paul Field
MD, Final Furlong Training


Learn Everything You Need To Know To
Run Your Own Telemarketing Desk

How much would it be worth to you to be able to pick up the phone and generate new leads? Or close more sales?

The content within the DIY Telesales Course could literally add multiple £10,000’s to your company if you put it to good use.

 Similar courses sell for well over £1,000. But we want our course to help as many people as possible. So we plan to sell the DIY Telesales Course for just £297. A bargain when you consider it contains EVERYTHING you need to know to start booking appointments and close sales over the phone.

However, it’s available for a limited time at the introductory price of just £97 (+VAT).

100% Risk Free. Guaranteed.

We know that the methods in this course work.

In fact, we’re so confident that we’re willing to let you try it 100% risk free.

If you complete the course, put the methods into practice and find that they don’t work for you. Just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny. No questions asked.

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