On DemandOur clients expect and deserve the very best telemarketing services. However, what they also need is telemarketing on their terms.

Many companies similar to Newton Fox will talk about minimum commitment and spend for a project. We believe that our service should be as flexible as possible and work in a way that fits our clients’ budget and desired outcomes.

We therefore start with a blank page and design a bespoke campaign based on what our client tells us.

Once we understand what the desired outcomes are we can put a proposal together designed to meet, if not exceed, that target. We know how many days it will take to fill a seminar for example as well as how much data it will require.

Compelling messages are also important along with ‘calls to action’ and all sorts of bells and whistles designed to make the campaign as successful as possible.

Even then our clients often want a trial or pilot of some sort to test the water which is fine by us. As a result, many retain us on a full-time basis whilst others call on us on an ad-hoc, as required arrangement.

It’s this flexibility, working to our client’s agenda rather than imposing terms and minimum spends that encourage companies to work with us initially. However, it’s the quality and success achieved that keeps them coming back again and again.

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