Our Managed Services division addresses the growing need for businesses to engage high calibre telesales people on a full-time basis without the hassle of employing them directly.

More and more companies tell us that recruiting, training and motivating a successful telesales team is becoming more and more difficult. Worse still, where the person in question is the only person within the organisation making sales calls, maintaining peak performance becomes a challenge most individuals find hard to meet.

Managed Services

Innovative Approach

We provide a flexible service that allows our clients to shape campaigns to suit their particular needs. This service works extremely well for companies with specific campaigns to execute such as product launches etc. But what of companies who need constant and consistent results throughout the year?

Managed Services creates a facility where your entire telesales function is managed by us. No more recruitment issues, training requirements, HR headaches, just a service that delivers on pre-agreed targets and KPI’s in a totally transparent, professional and highly efficient way.

How It Works

The concept is extremely simple. We take a brief from you detailing the role, the expectations and performance targets. From this we form an ideal candidate profile and put together a proposal to meet the requirements of the post.

This proposal will include suggested salary bands, bonus and incentive schemes, methodology, script compilation and training requirements and so on. It’s designed to clarify the requirement and then fulfil it.

It’s at this point we begin the recruitment process. We have a thorough vetting procedure that includes a psychometric profile, live call assessments and practical testing sessions.

Once we’re agreed on a particular candidate we appoint them to our team. They become a ‘Newton Fox’ employee but solely dedicated to your account. You have full access to them at all times and all activity is communicated to you on a regular basis via simple, user-friendly forms and software.

This gives our clients the very best of both worlds; a managed, supervised, incentivised workforce that needs no input from them other than a quarterly assessment meeting.

Abridged Terms

We’ve kept the terms as simple and transparent as possible. Essentially, it’s a 12-month agreement, broken down into an initial probationary period of three months and then a minimum nine-month contract.

So, within the first three months you are at liberty to stop the service with one week’s notice should you so wish. At the end of month three, we ask you to sign a new agreement that confirms a nine-month contract with a one month notice period from either side.

If you’d like to find out more about our Managed Services please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01204 352380, email [email protected] or complete the form below.

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