What Is Appointment Exchange?

Appointment Exchange ServiceWe specialise in arranging relevant, mutually beneficial meetings between vendor and prospect clients for a host of industry sectors. We’ve built up an impressive database of companies, large and small, that trust and respect our judgement. We facilitate the introduction of new prospect companies that are not only actively seeking their service but have already demonstrated a bias to their particular organisation.

Appointment Exchange is a simple and cost-effective service that provides its clients with quality, exclusive appointments with the very companies they want to win as clients. At the same time, it sources the best suppliers available for a range of goods and services thus streamlining the acquisition process.

No More ‘Beauty Parades’

Often when companies pitch for business they’re in a ‘beauty parade’ of three or four suppliers. We think there’s a better way. Taking detailed instruction from our client, we approach the market to source the suppliers that best match the criteria.

There then follows a simple vetting process that analyses those selected, often inviting the client company’s opinions and thoughts. This process reduces the vendors to a shortlist of just one who is subsequently invited to meet the client.

How It Works

Simple IdeaAs with all good ideas, it’s very simple. Any company joining the scheme will be asked to provide two lists. List one will describe the industry types they are looking to be introduced to along with the associated geography. They will also be given the opportunity to list specific companies within those industries that will form their bespoke ‘hit list.’

List two shows the goods and services currently being bought in or outsourced to third party suppliers along with a score. If the score for any service is low then we will look to source alternative providers of that service on behalf of the client and present them for consideration.

Each new client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will spend as much time as is necessary to get to know the client company, help define it’s USP’s, approaches to market etc.

They will assume the client’s corporate identity and an e-mail address will be set up from which to correspond directly with prospect companies and to send out marketing literature etc.

From there s/he will build the campaign from the ground up, write and develop scripts and identify the best strategy to execute the work.

The business development team compare notes regularly to ensure that any opportunity for cross fertilisation and relationship building is not lost and is mindful of all clients’ requirements. This way each approach to a new prospect is exploited to the full and all requirements, present or future, are logged for future reference.


The first thing we will do is study the desired target markets. We may well have a relationship with several companies within any specified market and the dedicated Account Manager will initially explore opportunities for introductions into those companies first should it be appropriate.

Once a request is confirmed from a prospect company Newton Fox will advise of the opportunity in broad terms, e.g. Large Food Manufacturer, South London requires P.R. Company for new product launch, circa £20k anticipated spend.

Upon accepting the appointment each party is confirmed to the other and appointment arranged at mutual convenience.

Similarly, should the client require the services of an alternative accountancy practice for example, a brief will be taken and a short list drawn up in accordance with the criteria stipulated. The winning supplier will be informed and the appointment arranged accordingly.

Investment Levels

The most attractive aspect of this scheme is the way in which it’s charged for. Beyond the initial set up fee (which covers script development, market research, training and initial data costs) charges are only made once the appointment has been accepted and confirmed in writing.

In a unique twist on the service, scheme members are paid for every inbound appointment they accept from fellow members’ thus incentivising continued patronage for all.

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